About Us

About Us

We EBC Teens are a youth organization aiming to create a global community of powerful citizens and compassionate leaders. Composed of young adults between 13 and 23, this platform drives the youth to consciously work towards creating one world – one family. EBC Teens encourages teens to use their voices to speak about current events and topics that matter to them. It is vital for today’s youth to have confidence in their opinions. We want to give a platform that grows their spirit and gives them a chance to interact with people from all walks of life.

Our Goals



Give teens a chance to interact with people from all walks of life.


Create a world that is better, cleaner, and more sensitive for ourselves and the coming generations.



Encourage teens to use their voices to speak about current events and topics that matter to them.

Learn More About Us

Our Founder Mohanji

Mohanji walks the path of ahimsa (non-violence) in thought, word and action. Driven by the conviction that we should leave the earth a better place, Mohanji created EBC to aid others in adding value to society through consistent acts of kindness and compassion. 

"We all are unique and different. Do not be ashamed of it. Our attempt to be the same as others is our true folly. Living the difference is our strength. When we are natural and in full acceptance of ourselves, we are displaying our difference unintentionally. This is our true and exact representation."

- Mohanji

Other Mohanji-Founded Organizations

The ACT Foundation

The ACT Foundation is a global charity community that operates in a growing number of countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. 

The World Conciousness Alliance

The World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) is a global union of people working through the medium of the performing and visual arts to  bring about positive transformation by promoting positivity, respect, harmony, compassion, love, and responsible living.

The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga

The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) is dedicated to promoting a culture of yoga (in its original form)  and making it accessible to all of mankind, beyond boundaries of country, religion, gender, class, and wealth.

How Our Members Display Their Talents

Our Various Microclubs

EBC Teens is a club that gives teens many ways to showcase their talents. Our microclubs build relationships through common interests. Together, we grow as individuals. 

The Photography Club

Want to showcase your photography skills?? Welcome to the EBC Teens – Photography Club! This is where people from various backgrounds share pictures with aspiring photographers and genuine selfie lovers! Whether the photos are of nature, manmade structures, or even of people, this club is a place to share your work and have it appreactiated!

The Culinary Club

Welcome to the Culinary Club! Here, teens can create and share foods from various cultures and communities. In accordance with our pillar of environmental responsibility and ahimsa, we also explore the topic of veganism through food and through insightful and open-minded conversations.

The Discussion Club

Are you keen to share your thoughts and solutions to issues that plague our world? Do you want to bring attention to the blemishes of the global community? Welcome to Discussion Club! Here, we encourage our upcoming generation of leaders and teachers to speak up. Having an opinion is your social responsibility, and here we want you to learn that confidence is the best accessory.

The Art Club

Welcome to the Art Club! Here, teens creatively draw and paint pieces of art to share to a network of like-minded peers!  Members of the culinary club explore the topic of ahimsa through their art or through the regular discussions that take place in the club chat. Members of the club gain confidence and creativity skills by engaging in the club. 

The Book Club

Here we grow our imagination! This is the place to talk books and stories and everything that makes them unique. Monthly themes provide us new perspectives and ideas to discover. Share your opinion on relatable themes all while learning how reading can expand your horizons in ways you never imagined.

Meet The Team

The EBC Teens Board

Shreya Seshadri


Sharvari Pendharkar

Vice President

Shrikar Seshadri

Global Ambassador

Kashi Nair

Internal Management

Prisha Maurya

Event Management

Swasti Gupta

Activities Management

Prajna Kishore

Rewards Management

Aadita Ghosh

Technical Secretary

Anahat Bedi

Creative Head

Our Advisors

Madhusudan Rajagopalan

Entrepreneur & Altruist

Bimal Nair

Teacher and Aviation Expert

Preethi Gopalarathnam

Entrepreneur & Alturist

Dr. Balraj Balasubrahmaniyan


Renowned Carnatic Musician, Professor of South Indian Classical Music at Wesleyan University

Social Media:

Vikram Raghavan


Lead Counsel, Operations Policy – The World Bank

Social Media:

Anil Swarup


Former Secretary to the Government of India and Chairman of the Nexus of Good Foundation

Social Media:

Latika Nath


Wildlife Biologist and Tiger Conservationist

Social Media:

Ida Rsi Putra Manuaba

Walk of Life:

Pioneer in Spreading Gandhian Principles of ahimsa and truth in the Balinese region

Social Media:

Dr. Julie Gerland


Chief United Nations Representative for the World Organisation of Prenatal Education Associations 

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